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About us

TinyBots is an initiative of ES Solutions pvt ltd(OPC).

We make your child curious about science and math

Whether they become engineers or not, they should know the basic concepts of science and mathematics. Because in this technology driven world, scientific and critical thinking are crucial to succeed in life.

Understanding science and mathematics plays a vital role in developing the thinking abilities of your children and also scoring well in exams.

For that, activity based learning is the way.

When your child becomes curious and engages actively in an activity, learning becomes a natural process.

Because curiosity is the birth place of learning.

In a traditional classroom, learning happens in a passive manner. The teacher doles out the information and your children memorize the facts.

So learning doesnít take place effectively. Besides, there is a huge gap between theory and practical knowledge.

Whereas in activity based learning, your children will get engaged in doing projects while grasping the basic concepts behind them.

At TinyBots, we are dedicated to nurturing your children develop a natural curiosity and interest in science and math through our well-structured activity based workshops.

Our Story

A cushy, well-paid job in a corporate company didnít give our Director Anil Aher satisfaction and happiness.

Because he loved experimenting with science, machines, and technology than troubleshooting and monitoring programs before a computer all day long.

So one fine day, this engineer cum-management graduate decided to follow his heart.

He combined his love for science and technology with the passion for teaching and turned into an Edupreneur.

ES Solutions pvt ltd was founded in 2012.

  • To make science and math easy and fun for kids.
  • To bridge the gap between theory and practical knowledge in schools.
  • To produce a generation of scientifically literate populous who will make the world a better place through effective use of science and technology.
Our Director

Mr Anil Aher

(BE E&TC and MBA in production and material management)

So far, TinyBots has touched the lives of more than 25000 schoolchildren.

"Education is not the learning of facts. But training of the mind to think!" - Albert Einstein