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Starting a business is awesome, but it's far better when you have a team close-by, that has been there previously, knows the business in and out, and can offer direction at all times

We invite any budding entrepreneur

with a passion for science and technology to

partner with us.

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CSR Partnership program

We invite corporate companies and start ups to partner with us for your Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)


You can empower the children from rural areas and municipality schools to learn science through our activity based workshops.

This gives you chance to not only make a difference in lives of children, but also contribute to the development of our nation.

Ever heard of this adage?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Now just imagine....

What if you could teach a child to imagine, invent, and think?

The possibilities are endless.

At TinyBots, we believe when you teach a child to learn science, you are sowing the seed that could change the world forever...


"Today’s child is tomorrow’s scientist."

"Today’s child is tomorrow’s engineer."

"Today’s child is tomorrow’s leader. "

"Today’s child is tomorrow’s creator."

"Today’s child is tomorrow’s future. "

If you need to empower the next generation, you need to sow the following 5 Cs of education in them. Today.

These 5cs of Education are:





Critical Thinking

That’s why we have carefully designed our activity based learning workshops to impart these 5Cs in your children.

If you want India to take the centre stage of the world, you need to create a scientifically advanced and knowledgeable generation.

Our robotic and science model making workshops are geared to achieve this in schools across the country.

Remember this:

A mother kindled the curiosity to learn in her almost deaf kid. Later, he turned out into the most prolific inventor of American history.

You know him. Yes, he is none other than Thomas Alva Edision.

So here’s your chance to fuel the passion for science and robotics in thousands of underprivileged children.

Who knows, the children you inspire to learn today could become tomorrow’s Edison, Einstein, and Kalam.

So if you ready to make a difference, get in touch with us now.

Want to sell DIY kits

If you have a science project shop

and wish to sell DIY kits then

you are welcome to join hands with us.

Call 9890131173 for more details.