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Workshops for children


Your children will explore, learn, and make a wide range of robots. The comprehensive workshop will cover the scientific, mathematical, and technological aspects involved behind the future machines.

Science Model Making

Your children will be involved in making a variety of science based projects, toys, and tools. These workshops will offer your children fantastic insights into science and engineering, nurturing their curiosity and interest.

The Unmatched Benefits

of our Activity Based Workshops

For children:

  • Develops a natural curiosity and interest in science and mathematics
  • Makes science and math totally easy and fun to learn
  • Helps understand the practical use of science in everyday life
  • Nurtures critical and logical thinking
  • Inspires imagination and creativity
  • Turns your kids into a powerhouse of ideas
  • Contributes to excelling in science projects which is compulsory in every school
  • Boosts your kids to take part in International and national competitions
  • Builds team spirit

For schools:

  • Be acclaimed for producing students who excel in science
  • Makes science and math totally easy and fun to learn
  • Win competitions and exhibitions, enhancing your reputation
  • Be recognized for nurturing children who score amazing marks in public exams
  • Attract more parents and students to join the institution